Fees and Garden Costs

To give you an idea of costs I have put some figures together below. Prices vary widely depending on location, with significant increases in the London area. Quality is paramount - its is better to do part of the garden well (especially areas you see and use most often) and perhaps to prioritise your budget for these critical areas.

Earthwork Garden Design Hampshire-16.jpg

My Fees

Fees for garden design start from £500.  Consultancy and advice is charged at £50 per hour.  Coaching packages start from £100.

Hard landscaping3.jpg

Hard Landscaping Costs

I work with a team of experienced professionals who can build your garden and plant it for you.  The largest costs occur during hard landscaping work where you can be looking at a cost of between £100-200 per square metre.

Planting photo 5.jpg

Soft Landscaping Costs

Fresh planting costs from £20-100 per square metre depending on the maturity of the plants used.  Labour for gardening work varies from £120-£150 per day.