Free gifts ...


Self set flowers in the garden are like free gifts - my garden here in the New Forest has been beset with self set Aquilegia vulgaris (grannies bonnets) in a mixture of dark pastel colours - free gifts from Mother Nature. Now they are all setting seed and I am planning to spread the joy, collecting the seed heads, leaving them to dry in the greenhouse and popping them in envelopes for customers and friends. 

Free gifts and free plants makes us happy giving the garden a naturalistic feel. Other marvellous self set plants here are Buddleia, Erigeron and Valerian. Spread the joy of your garden - share seeds and small plants with family and friends  - say it with flowers - free flowers! 


Aquilegia seed heads - waiting for the sun to dry them out ready for seed collection.....

It's hot

Don't forget to water  - especially new plants, the greenhouse and anything in a pot. 


If your garden is looking wild and unkempt one of the simplest things to do is mow the lawn regularly. It has an instant impact on how your garden looks, the smell is fabulous and you will feel great to achieve such an instant result for such relatively little effort. 


If you have a large garden and are short of time, why not leave areas further from the house unmown this provides superb food and shelter for wildlife and if you're lucky you will find wildflowers like orchids in your unmown turf. (Once flowering has finished leave the wildflowers to set and drop seed then the whole area could be strimmed and mown.)